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"Accurate accounts as far as I can see - but very late in delivering them. Ad-hoc queries throughout the year have always been dealt with satisfactorily."

Review left for Haggards Crowther
30th November -0001

"Everyone is super helpful."

Review left for Haggards Crowther
14th January 2020

Happy with the service, speed and quality of work.
"Happy with the service, speed and quality of work at a sensible price. I already recommend HC to friends if they require a UK based accountant."

Review left for Haggards Crowther
9th January 2020

Lack of transparency and communication
"After being a client for many years on two occasions I asked for advice on a tax question. The advice was given and then later I re wives a bill for a few hundred pounds - each time totaling more than the actual cost of preparing a tax return .The question or advice requested was usually answered in a brief email so the charges were perplexing. It was also frustrating not being told that I was going to be charged for asking a simple question ahead of time. When I contested the charges I was told that the staff were too busy to deal with My query and would come back to me. In the meantime I continued to receive demands for payment for said charges frequently. No communication at all between departments. In turn I would then chase to get resolved but to no response. This process continued for months until I finally received a response and the fee for answering a question was slightly reduced. This showed there was no focus on client retention or partnerships so I decided to leave."

Review left for Haggards Crowther
30th November -0001

Review of Haggards Crowther
"A very helpful and knowledgeable team. Process, deadlines and fees are clearly communicated, and transparent."

Review left for Haggards Crowther
19th December 2019

Income Tax
"I submitted my income tax details but this was not acknowledged - tho when I followed up a few weeks later I was told it was in hand."

Review left for Haggards Crowther
10th December 2019


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